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monkish adj : befitting a monk; inclined to self-denial

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  1. Pertaining to, or resembling a monk or monasticism.
  2. Tending to self-denial; ascetic.

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Monkish are a London based comedy punk rock band, famous for their raucous stage show, coarse sense of humour and lack of any discernible musical talent. Originally created as a reaction to what they considered the distinct lack of entertaining bands on the London circuit, one of the original inspirations for the bands formation was from the pornographic movie Kim's Essex Pub Orgy. Founder member Camp David (aka Monsieur Le Camp) was heard to remark 'This is complete scrot. It's completely un-wankable' and the embryo of their comedy based lyrics was planted.
Lead vocalist and founder member Brad Frugal (aka Sloth and Uncle Fister) has continued to develop his lyrical style of social commentary through the medium of comedy, punk rock and on-stage violence - the latter resulting in a number of band member injuries and a significant level of contempt from the 'Beigeian' or 'S.A.F.' community (Slaped Arse Face).
Their disregard for musical norms is often attributed to them having one of the highest band turnovers in the current London alternative scene. Past members include -
Monsieur Le Camp - Emigrated and suspected to be 'no longer responsible'. He however continues to support the current musicians from a long...long.... way away.
Flatulent Sam (aka The Homo Hobo) - Left due to 'musical differences' and a desire to pursue an ill-fated solo career as a homeless musician. His attempted sabotage of his final gig with the band has resulted in him becoming a popular source of amusement for the remaining members. His only recorded comments on this state of affairs was 'well yeah... i saw a baby that looked like Brad, yeah... a baby.... baby, baby, baby, Brad... baby Brad, baby Brad'. The sentiment of this outburst was never fully established however.
Vinyl Spatz - Stormed off stage mid-gig. Reason never established.
Phil Cavity (aka Pob) - Left under mysterious circumstances due a 'fisting incident'. He has however rekindled relationships with the band and features in the current line up again.
Arnie the Laughing Rapist - Deported to Hawaii
Cardboard P. Bedspread - Frequently suspected to be dead (mistakenly announced during two gigs to date) or at least undead, Cardboard has continued to be an occasional contibuter to the band as a guest vocalist and stage drunk. He retains the dubious honour of being the only band member to date that was asked to leave for reasons of 'unhearability, tankdom and being done for'. He maintains that he 'is not a figure of fun'. "I'm not a figure of fun!" - Cardboard
The Lambrini Monkey - The bands first dancer is suspected to have died in a wood chopping accident.

Live Shows

Monkish have supported Splodgenessabounds on many occasions, including a show at the Camden Underworld with Eddie and the Hot Rods.
The band first came to prominence on the London scene after entering the prestigious Rock Garden Battle of the Bands competition They won both their heat and semi-final, finishing 4th out of 50 entrants.
In 2007 Monkish opened the Arena stage at the Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool, featuring The Damned, UK Subs and Chas & Dave. The popularity of this set led to them being requested to perform a one-off acoustic show the next day for those who were unable to see the first one.
In 2008 the band will perform at the Wickerman Festival on 25th July, and then make a return visit to the Rebellion Punk Festival in August.


Brad Frugal - Vocals Boris Fecker - Guitar Pob Cavity - Guitar Rob Chester - Bass Signor Estos - Drums Snelgers O'Guinness - Backing Vocals/Dancing


The Least Crap Of

Never released commercially, this is a limited edition pressing featuring Shallow Bitch, D-List Celebrity Stalker, ASBO and Essex Pub Orgy. It also features bonus live recordings of Hardcore Kitten Stroker and (There's Always Time For A) Wank.

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